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Long warm Zhu Hemao Second Eastern Region ceramic terminal sales elite training camp held successfully

发布日期:2014-10-11    浏览次数:976

September 2-4, molon Second Eastern Region ceramic terminal sales elite training camp was held in Ningbo New Century Hotel. The training will be strongly supported President Chen Ningbo distributors, dealers and end sales of the elite from Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Jiangxi and other places participated in the training. 

3 September morning, by molon marketing planning director Chen Wei described in detail for everyone Maolong brand culture, wood tiles and antique brick product architecture and product culture, so that we have an existing product molon clear awareness. 
3 afternoon, space design director Li Yongsheng a detailed explanation on the mainstream market with the decor, wood tiles and antique brick color techniques, among molon model analysis techniques and product applications, etc., and frequently interact with the site , creating a rich atmosphere of the scene.
Then, invite the local well-known designers in Ningbo Hu, Hu teachers with their own experience, from the perspective of the actual operation, specifically addressed how companies interact, enhance service awareness in the designer's shop, play designers in the signing of a decisive effects and other aspects. Hu's true feelings, won applause site.
Subsequently, by Zou total marketing general manager molon brand to brand everyone describes molon macro planning, Zou introduces molon competitive advantage, product operating strategy, product sales policy, these critical information, very great encouragement to the team's morale, strengthen the team's confidence molon products and brands.
Finally, from Changsha dealers Yang, to tell you the choice molon with molon way wind and rain accompanied the course and experience: 
"Dealer must establish clear goals, and then insisted that efforts to do so, this will have a harvest," "wood blocks has broad prospects, but this prospect, there must be some brands have a future," "do the brand, there must be a channel, otherwise store sales alone, is bigger and difficult to do. "Yang told extremely rich, has won widespread recognition scene dealer boss.
September 4, by industry marketing expert Zhou Zhenting teachers help you a detailed analysis of the various problems encountered in the terminal store sales, Chou will integrate theory with practice, and cited a large number of classic cases, detailed analysis of the various problems when we usually sell and propose specific solutions. They all said, "Chou strong curriculum targeted, very close to reality, that we usually ignore the details have so much impact on our sales, later to learn, the teacher taught us the week something to the actual sales go, I believe that our sales will do better! "
This training is molon ceramic Following Southern Region Sales elite training brand's second large-scale training, through this activity, enhances the Eastern Region sales elites understanding molon brands and products through regional sales interactive team, good communication with the formation of a competitive atmosphere, the better to enhance team cohesion and combat effectiveness!